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Movie Review: Prisoner of the Mountains (1996), Bodrov (Movie Review Sample)


Write a review of the movie based on the history background.
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The main characters in the film are Sacha and Vania who are soldiers in the Russian army. The two are taken hostage by a rebel group inside the Caucasus Mountains. Deep inside the crags of the Caucusus mountain range, Muslim rebels loomed large. Although Abdoul-Mourat is the village rebel leader, he is subject to a higher authority within the rebel group. Abdoul-Mourat sets out on a mission to free his school teacher’s son who had been taken hostage by the Russian Army. In a well calculated ambush, he attacks a Russian caravan taking Sacha and Vania hostage. Both Sergeant Sacha and Private Vania suffer minor injuries during the altercation. Abdoul-Mourat compels his two hostages to write to their mothers expressing their desire to trade. His expectation is that one of his hostages’ mother would show up to convince the Russian’s of the authenticity of the trade. Nonetheless, Kazakhs are terrible and merciless people who cannot spare the life of any Russian soldier. Even though Abdoul-Mourat’s plan appears logical, he is oblivious of the impending trouble. Sacha’s cynicism and comic character provides hope in this rather bleak situation. His captivating remarks and vulgarity keeps the audience engaged. Abdoul-Mourat’s hostages miraculously survive numerous tribulations inflicted by the rebels. One such incidence is when the duo are compelled to pass through a Russian mine field for safe passage of the rebels. Vania’s mother manages to implore the Russian Commander to plan for the duo’s rescue, even though this attempt fails forcing them to start planning for their own escape. Sacha and Vania manages to escape but are later confronted by Hassan, a mute rebel member. A scuffle ensues forcing Hassan to fall off the cliff. Their escape attempt fails once again. Following their recapture, rebels execute Sacha, and hands Vania over to Abdoul-Mourat. In another botched escape attempt, Abdoul-Mourat’s son is shot in the exchange of fire. Although Abdoul-Mourat begins to express compassion towards Vania, he is held captive by the wishes of the rebel group who wanted him dead. Abdoul-Mourat takes Vania to the mountain top where he is to execute him. Eventually, he spares him by firing in the air and commanding him to walk on in spite of the heavy aerial presence of the Russian helicopters. The overriding theme in the film is that love and compassion can transcend political differences.
Bodrov's film is different from typical western "war films” as it departs from the western media films in it...
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