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American Me Movies, Examination Of A Latino Gang (Movie Review Sample)


Purpose and Goals: Analysis is the foundation of academic writing because, at its core, analysis is a way to explain the parts of something and what they mean together. The most useful and interesting analyses dig beneath the obvious aspects of a text and then explain why the details matter. Your goal in this assignment is to analyze a short text and explain why the conclusions you draw matter. You're carrying over what you've learned about description and connecting examples to commentary in your personal essay to this project, and we'll be adding skills like using a thesis for structure and quoting texts.
One short text that you analyze (a poem, song, scene from a movie, episode/scene from a TV show, a short story, a podcast, a photograph, or a news article)
At least two quotations from the text (or that relate to the text if it doesn't have words) with accompanying introduction of source, paraphrasing, and interpretation
A thesis that develops over the course of your essay
An introduction that explains the context of your essay (the issues surrounding it, the background of the text you're analyzing, and/or your connection to these)
A conclusion that leaves the reader with the most complete version of your thesis and an understanding of why it matters
A Works Cited page in MLA format
3-4 double-spaced pages in 12pt font with 1-inch margins
Apparent proofreading for typos and neat presentation


American Me movies
American Me movies present a powerful and startling examination of a Latino gang. The movie presents the themes of prejudice and hopelessness. Edward James Olmos's "American Me does not glorify crime, but presents the vicious cycle of crime (Barraran-Bigalondo 4). The film tells the story of the main character's point of view. Santana is portrayed as a victim of circumstances, his parent's experience of violence and the time he spends in prison shows how gang violence affects young people making it a vicious cycle (Barraran-Bigalondo 5).
America Me presents a story of how a Mexican Mafia gang emerged in California prisons. The film, directed by Edward James Olmos shows the brutal life in prison. The film is based on real stories of Mexican Mafia beginning with scenes of Zoot Suit Riots of Los angles that occurred between American sailors and the local Hispanic citizens (Barraran-Bigalondo 5). The film narrows down to one teenager Santana and his friends who find themselves in the wrong place and are arrested by the police (Barraran-Bigalondo 3). While in juvenile Santana, undergo horrific experiences, including rape and murder. Santana is later transferred to Folsom state prison after turning 18 years (Barraran-Bigalondo 3).
The director focuses more on prison life with ruthless scenes of violence. When Santana is released, he tries not fit in the society and lives a normal life while outside the prison, but his friends try to pull him back to the street life that made him go to prison (Robles 36). The film presents gang violence in East Los Angeles to highlight the forces that perpetuate violence from generation to generation (Robles 36). The director uses one character, Santana following through his early life and how he later lived his life within the same neighborhood. Using flashback the audience can understand Santana‘s background (Robles 36).
The film presents how the US government treated ethnic minori

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