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Alexander Nevsky (1938) Movie Review Writing Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


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Answer the question in the review: 
You may want to consider the following: How does Eisenstein construct Nevsky in his film? What attributes does Nevsky display as a leader, and what filmic means does Eisenstein utilise to communicate these qualities to his audience? 
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Movie Review: Alexander Nevsky
Alexander Nevsky is a picture which saved Eisenstein's image because of how it allegedly unsympathetically treated the Communist mutiny. This picture provoked everyone to change their mind on the subject. The picture of Nevsky sets up an unusual reviewing problem. Eisenstein makes Nevsky sublimely with regard to details in both pictorial and narrative. Nevsky's role as well as its player is cast in the heroic mold. However, Eisenstein made Nevsky different from other characters by making them simply indifference to their needs such as the Teuton priests who

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