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Movie Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring (Movie Review Sample)


watch the movie "spring summer fall winter...and spring" (South Korea, directed by Kim Ki-duk, 2003) write an review.
Self-making and ethical subjectivity.
Please make an insightful view of the movie and your thought about the movie.
The papers will have three basic parts—
1) a brief (one paragraph) summary or overview of the film; 
2) a one page analysis or discussion of a film in terms of what it shows about cultural life; and 
3) your personal response or thoughts about the film. 


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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful movies you will come across. It is visually appealing, and you can feel the movie directly speaking to your soul. The movie talks about the cycle that we experience in life. Through each of the seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter, the director shows us the experiences of a young boy learning about life from an elder monk in a mountain lake in the wilderness. The focus of the movie is on the relationship between the elder monk and a younger one who is trying to learn about the ways of life. The movie starts in spring where the master and the boy gather herbs for healing purposes. In summer, the boy has grown up and has developed an interest in the outside world. It is during this season that he falls in love with a girl brought to the monastery by her mother for healing. He follows the girl after she is healed. In fall the old master takes a cat to be his companion while the young monk, who is now an adult, returns as a fugitive. Winter happens many years after the old monk had died. His student, now a mature adult begins the cycle again by teaching a young boy about life.
The single-room house o

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