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A Raisin in the Sun (1961) (Movie Review Sample)

5 paragraphs long. In the introductory paragraph you must identify which three literary devices the director uses most effectively to tell the story, and how this movie is relevant to american history class. In the body paragraphs, you will choose from three of the five main literary elements: Plot, Characterization, Setting, Point of View, and Theme to discuss how the director tells the story. In your conclusion, tell which literary element the director used most effectively to tell the story, what you liked or did not like about the film, and how it relates to the time period (1961). source..
Name: Professor: Course Name: Subject: Date Due: A Raisin in the Sun Analysis Introduction In the movie, "A Raisin in the Sun" the director uses symbolism, imagery and allegory in order to tell the story (Latham, p. 34). This is evident in the way the director brings forward the issue of the plant that mama keeps near the apartment`s sole window that is still surviving as a result of lacking nourishment. This movie contributes to the American history because it contributes to understanding the landmark achievement during the civil rights era in the early 1960s. The movie shows the problems in the American history such as the issue of discrimination against the black people and how their dreams were cut short. Thus the use of literary devices to bring into view these the American history is common. The small houseplant uses symbolism in the way the way it nurtures (Latham, p. 36). Analysis The movie "A Raisin in the Sun" consists of a number of styles in ensuring that the movie attains its intention. This includes the use of plot, characterization, setting, point of view and theme in ensuring that the director of the movie is relevant to American history. Setting style of developing this movie is common (Latham, p. 39). This is demonstrated from the fa...
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