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'The Marriage of Maria Braun' by H.W. Fassbinder (Movie Review Sample)

What kind of picture of post-war German society does Fassbinder¡¦s film provide? What are the underlying social and political conflicts (or central issues) that Fassbinder ¡V through the artistic expression of the film ¡V confronts? Please feel encouraged to concentrate on one aspect that seems critical to you. For instance,you could focus on one of the following questions (however, if you consider another aspect to be more important, please do not hesitate to take a different approach to the general questions raised above): What are the most important conflicts that Maria Braun has to face when trying to succeed in post-war German society? In what way does the pre-45 period have a determining impact on Germany in the immediate post-war years? Considering the life of Maria Braun, what is the role of women - represented by the main female actress - in German society after 1945? In the end, Fassbinder decides to let Maria Braun and her husband die in a tragic accident; why is there no happy end? What does this ending tell us about how the story of Maria Braun can be interpreted with a view the first decade after the War? source..
A movie review of the marriage of Maria Braun.
The marriage of Maria Braun is a Germany movie which started in 1943 during the Second World War. This film portrays a picture of separated families which is forced into a promiscuous behaviors by circumstances, we see Maria and Hermann a newly wedded couple separated by war even before their marriage was consummated. The situation is aggravated by the false news that Maria received about her husband after separation that he was killed. Maria being made to believe that she was a widow at that young age left her with no other option but to take the bull by its horn. The environment was really hostile for Germans and so Maria landed into an American dominated bar as a hostess. Due to political instability which led to war we see Maria changing her lifestyle and her socia...
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