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Sir No Sir (Vietnam G.I. Resistance Movement) (Movie Review Sample)

After watching the Sir No Sir movie ( Vietnam G.I. Resistance Movement), you need to answer the following: 1 What is the movie about 2 What is the historical importance 3 what did you think about it source..

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(November 29, 2011)
Sir No Sir (Vietnam G.I. Resistance Movement)
The Film "Sir No Sir" is a documentary film about the anti war movement during Vietnam War within the ranks of the Military of the United States. It contains the story of the GI movement with an aim of ending the war in Vietnam. The film was written and directed by David Zeiger explaining the reasons why they defected the war or even protested. The film takes account of all the events which took at the war since when it started to the point which the war ended.
The anti war campaign that took place on airline hauliers and in barracks in the 60`s really changed the track of the past. It did so well in navy brigs, army ramparts and dirty urban that enclosed military grounds. It made a way into best martial institutions such as West Point and stretched out to the Vietnam theatres of wars. This movement and the people involved in the campaign surprised many because nobody expected such. A number of victims were jailed while many were sent away and according to the expressions of solitary colonel, filled the whole armed deals by 1971. Hitherto in the present day the minority are on familiar terms with the GI association in opposition to the battle in Vietnam (Cox, par 3).
Nonetheless now, these events that keep altering the American history have been rubbed out from the minds of American citizens since American GIs ...
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