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Significance Of The Airplane And Air Travel In This Film (Movie Review Sample)


Air Hostess, directed by Yi Wen, 1959
In your journal, please discuss the following two questions based on your interpretation of the film:
1. What's the significance of the airplane and air travel in this film?
2. Does Keping represent a modern woman? According to your interpretation, what are these modern qualities?


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Air Hostess
Significance of the airplane and air travel in this film
From the film, it is evident that anyone who worked in the airline industry was considered to be of high status. This is probably because there were limited slots only set aside for those who proved that they could deal with challenges without compromising on the quality of the service being offered. More so, this could be attributed to the fact that only few people could afford to buy fancy clothes like those in movie screens. Therefore, the film gave them hope that they could achieve whatever they wanted to do as long as they focused wholeheartedly. For instance, the women in the film are said to have worn tight fitting jackets which was not a common phenomenon in Hong Kong. It is also argued that the owner of the film company was working together with Malaysian Airline and this shows the efforts made to make the film a success on the international market. For example, anyone who watches the film usually feels the urge to travel around the world.
The film portrays how women have more opportunities unlike in the early 1920s. This is clearly portrayed by the main characters which includes Grace Chang, Julie Yeh Feng and Soo Fung. Grace Chang is the aggressive one and is also qualified to work as an air hostess. Although, it is important to note tha

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