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A Problem For Workers And Residents Of Libby Montana (Movie Review Sample)


Using the movie, Libby, Montana, consider the following questions for your four to five page written response. You DO NOT have to limit yourself to these questions in developing your analysis.
What made mining for vermiculite a problem for workers and community residents of Libby, Montana? 
The company knew that asbestos was causing lung disease in its workers and didn't share that information with them. What is your reaction to this? Do you think the company officials should be held criminally responsible? 
Why would Montana agree to release Grace of any responsibility for cleaning up the site? 
How has the asbestos problem in Libby divided the town? Why? 
W.R. Grace and seven of its current or former executives had been indicted of federal charges that they knowingly put their workers and the public in danger through exposure to vermiculite ore contaminated with asbestos. They faced from five to 15 years in prison on each count and Grace was facing significant fines. They were cleared of all charges on a technicality. 
Do you think the executives deserved to do time for their actions?
Do you think the company should have been fined?
What is your reaction to the jury's verdict?


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Libby, Montana
From the movie Libby, Montana, mining for vermiculite was a problem for workers and residents of Libby Montana because they had to mine in rough terrain. Basically, mining of vermiculate was a problem because a worker could be killed in the mines. This occurred because they had to mine to remove asbestos from the underground rocks. This means it was a dangerous affair to mine because these rocks were difficult to maneuver. It was a time consuming affair and they spend a prolonged amount of time each day in the mines. The more they mined moving the rocks, the more risky it became as they dug deeper into the ground to reach the vermiculite. If the rocks are difficult to move or a mistake occurred, death could easily occur.
I am shocked and angry at the fact that the company, W. R. Grace knew that asbestos was causing lung disease to its workers but did not share this information. It angers me to know the cruelty of this company because they knew the dangers these workers were being exposed and they did not take any measures to protect them. It is immoral on all levels for the company to knowingly cause harm to its workers. I think that the company official should be held criminally responsible because what they did is negligence that caused harm to hundreds of workers and their families. Basically, what the company did was a breach of an obligation that makes them liable for their mistake. The fact that they knew that asbestos was a dangerous substance, they become compliance to a crime. From the movie, hundreds of residents are sickly and suffering from lung disease as a result of the exposure. Since the company knew the root of the problem, the officials of the company should be criminally responsible for their crimes. It is unfair for a party to knowingly allow another party to be harmed so as to profit from it.
Montana agreed to release Grace of any responsibility for cleaning up the site because they argued that the asbestos problem occurred back in the 1920s before Grace took over the mining in 1963. The company could not be held liable because asbestos was in the vicinity even before the company began its mining activities. Montana felt that the company did not knowingly cause harm to the workers

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