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To Live By Zhang Yimou: Intricate Entanglements (Movie Review Sample)


Zhang Yimou's film, To Live, explores the intricate entanglements between the political and personal lives in modern China. Whereas events in the political domain, such as the civil war and the Great Leap Forward movement, greatly controlled and changed people's lives, do you think that the personal life is still able in some respects to find a way to maintain its autonomy, to remain independent of the political domain? How is personal life in the film portrayed, compared with political life? To what extent do you agree that the personal life is able to triumph over the political life in this film? Please find moments in the movie to support your idea.


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To Live by Zhang Yimou Movie Review
The movie To Live by Zhang Yimou is a famous creation that has touched the lives of so many people who watched it. It is because, in the movie, the portrayal of real life in the film is so effective that it resonated with a lot of people.
I think that Fugui is able to maintain the autonomy of his personal life even if he lost his home to Long Er. Mr. Zhang depicted in the film that everyone needs to live with a purpose. Despite what Fugui experienced, he soon realizes that even if he lost a lot, he can still live his life. The part wherein Fugui travels with a shadow-puppet show. He is with his friend Chunsheng when they both get captured by the Nationalist army. When they were back in town, Fugui discovers that his friends are able to earn money in their own little ways. Jiazhen now has to work for his family because his daughter has an illness and the

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