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The Matrix #1: The Worlds Existence Movie Review Assignment (Movie Review Sample)


Although this is the film review, I still let you know the course I am taking for this movie review is Humanities. The professor also expect the review has the analysis and opinion. Thank you.

The Matrix #1 – Film Review
A significant portion of movie lovers still consider The Matrix as one of their best films. The Matrix is a movie that revolves around a group of individuals who discovered that they had been duped of the world’s existence. The main protagonists include Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), Neo (Keanu Reeves), and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). Apparently, the world does not exist and what people think is real is a form of Virtual Reality. The entire reason for the virtual reality was to make people live blind lives while conforming to the system as the ones in charge do what they want. In his explanation to Neo, Morpheus said that a “Matrix is the wool that has been pulled over your eyes; that you are a slave.” Led by Morpheus, the likes of Neo and Trinity decide to fight the system and find ways to bring ...
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