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The Significance Of The Numbers In The Chungking Express (Movie Review Sample)


Chungking Express(1994)
In the film, there appear many numbers, dates (birthday, expiration dates, deadlines, etc), and measurements. Why does the film use them? For what purposes? What do they reveal about human relationships and the characters' mentality in a modern city like Hong Kong?


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Movie Review: Chungking Express (1994)
The Significance of the Numbers, Dates, and Measurements in the Film
The director of this film highlighted some themes in his work especially regarding human relationships and the mentality of the people in the modern city, Hong Kong. The dates, 1st April and May 1st are birthdays of two characters in the film, May and Qi-Wu respectively. Qi-Wu and May broke up, and Qi-Wu is having a rough time processing the breakup. He resorts to set a date, his birthday to have either reconciled with May of break up forever. He is trying to set an expiration date to trump the feelings of his ex-girlfriend. Qi-Wu believes a month is enough time to reconcile and he becomes obsessed with the date such that he buys pineapples with that expiry date and reprimands the storekeeper for disposing of almost-expired pineapple cans.
Qi-Wu seemed eager to start his life on a fresh account, but it is evident that he is not ready. He desperately attempts to finish the potentially expired pineapples on the last day and expects to abruptly free himself from the nostalgic memories, emotions, and feelings of losing May. He now believes he has moved on, but it is evident he is trying to drown his worries by misconstruing facts to start dating another girl because he believes that fate has brought them together. His moves

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