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Why Did I Get Married (Movie Review Sample)


ONLY SELECT ONE VIDEO AND NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE. You need to answer the reflective questions associated with the video in your movie log. All papers should be done in APA style. You will submit the papers electronically using under the Course Content tab on Blackboard. 
As you view the movie "Precious," think about the following questions and keep in mind the scoring rubric for this assignment. Using the narrative style, you should address a few of the questions from the following domains (physical, cognitive, psychosocial) about the video.
1. Identify and describe the parenting style of Precious’ mother? How did this parent style impact Precious in terms of her physical, cognitive, social and moral development? Provide very specific examples.
2. What is the task of adolescence according to Erikson? In your opinion, did Precious accomplish the task/challenge? Explain your answer.
3. What role did peer influence have on Precious while she attended the Alternative Higher Education Program? 
4. Which structure of Freudian personality theory would best describe Precious? Her mother?
5. In your opinion, which ego-defense mechanisms did Precious frequently use to check her fears, anxieties and impulses? 
6. The movie “Precious” is based upon a bestselling book entitled Push by Sapphire. In your opinion, is “Push” an appropriate title for this story? Explain and provide evidence to support your position.
7. Overall, what is your reaction to this movie? What if anything did you learn from watching this movie?
The Breakfast Club 
Before viewing the video, review the following theories: Piaget, Elkind, (cognitive) Erikson, Marcia, (psychosocial) Kohlberg and Gilligan (moral). These theories may be found in chapters 11 and 12. Choose one of the main characters from the film to evaluate in terms of three (3) of the above-cited theories. Be sure you discuss the concepts of adolescent cognitive development, identity formation, socioemotional (psychosocial) status and moral development as they relate to your character. Describe specific insights, dialogues, or events from the film to support your position.
Note: You may view the Breakfast Club at YouTube. Also you may Google the movie title to obtain a copy of the movie script. 
Why Did I Get Married
Before viewing this video, review the appropriate theories and research on love and marriage found in chapters 13 and 14 i.e., triangular theory of love, Vaillant, Ainsworth, etc..Using these theories, choose one of the couples from the video to evaluate in terms of the relationship with each other and their peers. Then evaluate one of the members of the dyad to evaluate in terms of their physical, cognitive and psychosocial status. How does your character fit into the theories? What is the film doing? Does the film accurately/appropriately depict marriage according to what you have read in your class materials? What did you learn from the video? What does the video leave out? 
The Notebook 
Before viewing this video, review the appropriate theories and research on aging. These theories may be found in chapters 17 – 19 in your textbook. Choose one of the main characters from the film to evaluate in terms of the theories you studied in your textbook. Identify and discuss three specific theories, theorists and research indicated in these chapters. How does your character fit into the theories? What is the film doing? How does it relate to the concepts of (Physical, Cognitive, and Psychosocial domains) and theories, i.e., Piaget, Ainsworth, activity, disengagement theory etc. discussed in the text? What did you learn from the film? What does the film leave out? What additional questions would you consider?


Why Did I Get Married
Student Name:
Why Did I Get Married
What is love? How do you know you are in love and your intentions for someone are true and not just false alarm? Love means different things to different people depending on their background and religion. If you select a sample or a group of people and question them about love, they will all define love very differently. Love is a mystery and there is no single definition agreed upon. However, people will always feel and express love to those that they interact and form a connection.
Various researchers and psychologists, who have studied love and marriage, have come up with different theories trying to explain love. The following are the major theories on love that are going to referenced in reviewing the kind of love depicted in the movie called ‘Why did I Get Married?’ They include triangular theory of love, the color wheel model of love, compassionate vs. passionate love and liking vs. loving love.
Before reviewing the movie, ‘Why Did I Get Married?’ a review on the theories of love and marriage will be necessary to better understand the views mentioned theories of love. Psychologist Zick Rubin on the theory of liking vs. loving, argued that romantic love in a marriage was based on attachment, intimacy and caring. Attachment involves receiving an of care, physical contact with the other member. Caring involves caring for your partner’s needs and happiness including yours, while intimacy involves sharing thoughts, feelings and desires with the other person. This type of love happens in the movie ‘Why Did I Get Married?’ between Patricia and Gavin although it is short lived. Compassionate vs. passionate love, is when the compassionate love consists of attachments, mutual respect and trust while passionate love consists of sexual attraction, anxiety, intense emotions and affection.
Triangular theory of love as proposed by Robert Sternberg, is a triangular theory with three components of love commitment, intimacy and passion. Different combinations of the components result in different types of love. According to the theory, relationships built on two elements are much stronger than one, and even strongest when built with three.
On ‘Why Did I Get Married?’ review, we shall concentrate on the love that exists between the second couple, that is, Marcus and Angela. The movie “Why Did I Get married?” is about four couples who were also friends and who attend a weeklong retreat yearly in a place they chose. During the weeklongretreat, the couple could do all kind of activities and ask each other why they got married. Different partners from these couples are physically present but emotionally absent. When they arrive at the mountain,as planned, more eventful momentsunfold during their stay and tension builds among the affected couples.
Angela and Marcus arrive at the mountain by train separately from the other couples who also arrive through different means. Angela and Marcus were having emotional difficulties compared to the rest of the couples. However, as it later emerged, the other couples were also having problems, but they did not show it as openly. Marcus and Angela urged more often and loudly that it attracted other couples’ attention, Angela kept urging with the husband Marcus all the way from the city, in the train and even after arriving at the mountain house where they were retreating. Angela and Marcus arrive second on the retreat mountain and immediately they turn on each other with their unstoppable argument.
However, from the plot of the movie, Angela and Marcus’s relationship seem to be thrivingbetter compared to the other couples despite the regular argument from the couple. Angela and Marcus keep their friends close and always s...
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