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Family stone Genogram (Movie Review Sample)


Please read instructions carefully and I circled the movie the instructor gave me to watch


Family stone Genogram
Students name:
The movie that goes by the title "The Family Stone" is very entertaining. It revolves a setting of a family of the Stones which takes a unique shift in everything. Meredith, a psychologically traumatized individual who suffers from acceptance issue, is the central character in this movie.
Her husband, Everett, invites her or takes her to meet his entire family over the Christmas Holidays. Amy is Everett’s sister who is the meanest person in the family. She practically bullies everyone around apart from her elders.
She does have a problem getting along with everyone. Darius is Amy’s brother who has a hearing problem; based on the fact that everyone uses sign language, and it’s a clear indication there is a communication problem somewhere.
Darius is a gay boy who is in love with Patrick, who is of a different Race that her family has come amazingly to accept him. Kelly or Mr. Stone is the father of Everett. He is a kind and understanding man. He shows the importance of fatherhood in every family.
Kelly’s wife is very attractive, a very selfish and proud woman who only wants everything to go her way. As a mother Sybil plays an enormous role in her children’s life. Julie comes in the picture half way of the movie; everybody has a soft spot for her since she is the opposite of her sister Meredith.
This scenario creates a little bit of tension in their relationship as siblings. Suzanna is the mother of Elizabeth, and both are siblings with Ben. The both of them in this family are the best who get along with everyone. They were friendly to Meredith and kind to her no wonders Ben and Meredith fall in love after she has gone through a nightmare in the family.
Significant life Events:
The head of the family, Mr. Stone comes to face with a difficult situation, his dear beloved wife is sick. She meditates and thinks that no one can help her out. The burden of the husband to break the news to the children after Christmas is scary; he faces a situation that no man would wish to have. A terminal illness kills the running grace in a pattern, and it inflicts fear, no wonder Kelly’s wife says to him that she is scared.
Sicknesses drain resources of a family, and it leaves an imprinted memory of something, a puzzle if I may say. Once a family can’t hold themselves together by being strong, it tears bonds, love changes to pity, and the original bond becomes replaced with something else. This event becomes a tall order for a family.
It is the oldest institution in the whole world, but amazingly this has always been an avenue of conflict in a family. From the movie, we learn that the two love birds Everett and Meredith are planning to get married. Her future spouse hopes to convince his mother to hand him his grandmother’s wedding ring. Sadly his mother has developed cold feet towards her.
We see the struggle and the hustle Everett goes through trying to make his family members to understand his fiancé. For example, after she was targeted by Amy while playing a game of body sign movement and interpretation. She gets way too offended and goes off. At a particular point, she decided to go and sleep in the Inn. Naturally her fiancée stood up for her and confronted his family who later realized their mistake and invited her over for dinner.
Life cycle:
When a person becomes used to a particular way of life or routine especially an adult, it’s tough for them to adjust to a change in environment. Making friends and meeting in-laws can be a tall order for some people.
As we see the main Character is very uncomfortable sleeping in the same room with her fiancé she opts for another room. Thi...
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