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Reaction Paper on a Film: Good Will Hunting (Movie Review Sample)


Film: Good Will Hunting
Students will be given a list of films that are about counseling and/or psychotherapy and write 4-5 page reaction paper on this as well as discuss in class. Discuss the different tools of counseling/psychology used throughout the film


Reaction Paper on a Film: Good Will Hunting
Reaction Paper on a Film: Good Will Hunting
The main character in the movie is Will Hunting, a 20-year-old Janitor at Boston, who works at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the famous universities. He is an orphan who grew up living in different foster homes. As a child, Will is physically abused. However, he still excelled becoming a mathematics genius. He can solve mathematical problems more than a professor. One day, Professor Lambeau notices Will writing the answer to a math's problem on the chalkboard, but as soon as Will notices that the professor is watching him, he runs away. The professor starts paying close attention to Will and discover many disturbing things about him; one of them being the fact that Will is likely to be jailed for having physically attacked someone. The professor arranges with one judge to ensure that Will is not in jail so long as the boy agrees to focus on his studies, at the same time, receiving psychological help. Will accepts the condition but he is a difficult patient. Eventually, the professor seeks for help from an old friend Sean Maguire. Sean has his problems but agrees to help Will. Even though the therapeutic relationship between Sean and Will is extremely difficult and full of emotions, Sean does not give up. With time, Will overcome some of his fears with the help of Seam and builds a romantic relationship with Skyler. However, Will is scared to be emotionally attached to anyone or even scared to leave Boston as suggested by Skyler. In the end, Professor Lambeau suggests to Will to find a job where he would utilize his mathematical skills, but it is Sean who eventually gives Will the courage and direction he needs during the several counseling sessions, which helps Will start a new life.
Different Tools of Counseling/Psychology Used Throughout the Film
In the film, Will Hunting has problems with being too attached to people; from his experiences, having been abused as a child, he cannot develop a meaningful relationship with adults or women. His only friends are a group of young men of his age who cannot measure up to his intelligence. He does not want to associate with people outside his age mates because of the fear. Will is very aggressive and quick to anger as portrayed in the film. He does not know how to manage his emotions like anger. When he gets into an argument, he verbally or physically assaults people. He uses anger as one of the many defenses to mask his inner feelings. Will’s subconscious is protected by the many defenses to prevent him from being hurt again. He integrates his intelligence as defenses because it gives him satisfaction and helps him keep some distance from people. He uses his intelligent for soothing his bruised emotions. If Will could be emotionally secure, he could have shared his intellectual interest with people to feel appreciated.
Attachment theory explains how we can develop the capacity to form relationships with others and how we can relate to our environment. By interacting with others, we learn how to balance our feelings and needs. As a result, we establish varying degree of independence, control, and power. The attachment also has an impact on our self-esteem. Attachment becomes dysfunctional when one is abused or neglected as in the Will situation. When one‘s needs are not consistently met or acknowledged, self-damages develop. An individual will have difficulties regulating his behavior and even managin...
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