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Deviance and society (Movie Review Sample)

attached is the instruction, please i need a good job on these paper Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media Please watch the film and then answer the following 4 questions: 1. What does the title of the film refer to? (worth 3%) 2. List & discuss 3 examples of deviance / social control that the media regularly uses as described in the film. (worth 6%) 3. What in the film connects with your experiences? That is, what do you think is important? (worth 3%) 4. What is missing? What is not being addressed or discussed? (worth 3%) **** Please ensure your assignment is double-spaced with an 11 or 12 size font. **** Assignment should not exceed 3 pages in length. Be sure to cite your sources! **** Assignment is worth 15% of your grade. **** The film Manufacturing Consent can be accessed at the following url: Be advised the film is nearly 3 hours long! source..

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(July 25, 2012)
Deviance and Society
The Political Economy of the Mass Media reflects on the large number of economists who are studying the behavior and the effects of politics in the mass media (Anderson et al, 2005). It’s very clear that the field of political economy of the mass media is young and political accountability increases with the media scrutiny. Information from the media is usually used by voters to elect politicians while the mass media uses some issues to cover in order to make more profit. The film has three social control measures that it uses in this film Transparency
Having more information makes the society to benefit through simple theoretical insights. Freedom is well expressed since people are well informed of the laws in the democracies that do function well.  This makes the society to understand the possible influence that voters get from the media (Mark, 2005). Naturally, some kind of information is beneficial in a democracy that it’s functioning in. Though some information is intrinsically bad, like details that regard to personal information or intelligence (Timothy, et al, 2002).   The government should not prevent the media from reporting on its activities even if there is the scope of national security and privacy protection that is being practiced.
Captured media environment
When the media is used as a way to discipline politicians, then they would view it as a thereat to them (Timothy, et al, 2002). Thus, if it’s used to silence them, then they can use their critics to silence the media and foster coverage th...
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