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Summarize the Movie Sin Nombre and Provide a Short Report (Movie Review Sample)


Summarize the movie Sin Nombre(2009) and provide a short report on the experience of watching the movie.
I have a digital copy of the movie which I will try to attach. If I cannot attach please feel free to message me with another way to submit or if necessary I can pay extra so you can rent the movie which is available through youtube for $2.99. 
I would recommend using a VLC player(which is free) to play my copy due to the movie is in Spanish and only with VLC will subtitles be available.


Sin Nombre
The United States has always been regarded as the beacon of hope. A place full of opportunities. This is a perception that has continuously pushed the people towards striving to get there. Immigrants have come from all directions; the north, south, by sea or air. While moving through these borders to reach the United States, the immigrants place their lives in numerous dangers. Sin Nombre is a movie that mainly narrates about the experiences of the people who take this journey north. It is a film punctuated with humor, violence and also some little bit of fun. This movie is a mix of two stories. One pits a young lady named Sayra, who sets off on an ambitious journey from Honduras, with the ultimate aim of reaching her relatives in New Jersey.
She envisions her future as bright and fruitful and s determined to ensure that she achieves her goal of setting foot on American soil. Her journey takes her through Guatemala and Mexico. She is together with her father and uncle. The second plot involves Casper, a young man who is part of a gang that engages in robbing people who are migrating to the United States. There is the side plot of Casper and his girlfriend, and how he tries his best to shield her from the operations of his gang. Quite inevitably as the story wears on, these two plots overlap. This film is the brainchild of Cary Fukunaga.
The leader of the gang is Lil Mago, while the other member of the group is a young guy named El Smiley. Casper fails to protect his girlfriend completely from the group, and ultimately, she is killed by Lil Mago after she turns down his forceful sexual advances. This deeply scars Casper. In her odyssey with the uncle and father, Sayra comes into contact with Casper and the gang. Lil Mago is once more at it, trying to rape Sayra. Casper, still with the pain of losing his girlfriend as a result ...
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