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Endings Comparison: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing (Movie Review Sample)


Final Exam

This exam should be five pages long (printed out, double-space with no extra spaces between paragraphs), using Times News Roman 12-point font and on-inch margins).

 Write on Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Do the Right Thing.

 Compare the endings of the two films. What kind of resolution – emotional, intellectual, thematic, political, aesthetic – does each provide for its narrative? Is the ending conclusive? Ambiguous or enigmatic? Predictable? Surprising? Comic? Melodramatic? Does the ending provide a clear ideological point of view on the issues? How is each ending prepared for, both as a narrative event and in terms of the characterizations and issues that have been developed in the course of the film? How does (or doesn’t) each film, and each ending, function within genre conventions? In each case, discuss the relationship between the style of the ending and the style of the rest of the film. This will necessarily mean discussing in detail – be specific! – the stylistic elements (mis-en-scene [costume, sets and settings, placement of figures within the space], camerawork, editing, music and sound, dialogue, point of view, etc.) of both the endings and the films as wholes. Use for character names. Italicize or Underline your thesis statement.



Endings Comparisons
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Endings Comparisons
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is black comedy crime film that was written, produced in 2017 and released in November 10 same year. Martin McDonagh was the director of the film. The film involves a desperate mother, Mildred (Frances McDormand) that seeks to find justice in her own hands for her teenage daughter, Angela who was raped and killed few months ago. The Chief of police, Willoughby (Woody Herrelson) reluctance and slow process of finding the culprits who did those heinous and brutal deeds to her daughters made her to rent three billboards located at Ebbing to get public attention while shaming Willoughby and to help speed up the process of bringing the culprits to book. Afterward long struggle with the policemen like Officer Jason Dixon (Sam Rockwell) and the public followed. Some people on the town sided with Mildred but majority were against her. Though she did not get the real culprits who raped and killed her daughter she finally buried the hatchet and became in good terms with the police and the town folks.
Do the Right Thing is a comedy drama film that was made and directed by Spike Lee who also starred in the film in 1989. The movie is based on racial discrimination menace among Brooklyn town residents. The residents who are a majority African-American are discriminated the other white people who also live in the town. However, there are some people like Vito (Richard Edson) who have gone beyond the expectation and consider each other as neighbors despite their racial differences. The story mostly focuses on one family that owns a pizzeria. The owner, Sal (Danny Aiello) who is an Italian-American who have two sons Vito (Richard Edson) and Pino (John Turturro) who have two complete different perspectives on racism. Vito, one of the son loves and supports the black community in their neighborhood while the other totally dislike the blacks. More racism is seen on the part of the government officers like the police officers. One police officer chokes to death one black teenage guy while the other officers who were all white watched. Fire fighters also splashed black demonstrators with their high pressure water to disperse them just because they were black demonstrators.
The two films end in a rather ambiguous mood that is not so distinct or conclusive. In Three Billboards as it is commonly referred by many, the ending was not as many people expected. Everyone expected that the real culprits will be seized and arrested as it was the grievances of Mildred Hayes. The film rather concludes with the uniting of the people who had great differences when the film was commencing. Mildred and officer Dixon who first saw the billboard and reported to his chief were not in good terms and Jason disliked Mildred but came to be in good terms in the final scene.
On the other hand of Do the Right Thing the ending is also ambiguous and not conclusive since there is no distinct conclusion. One would expect the town to fully unite and live together and co-exist without racial discrimination. Rather it's a kind of victory to one side that does not explicitly mean that their problem of ethnicity is below their feet and wont emerge again. It's just the tension and heat that lowers but anger is still within them. The ending scene of the film where quotations from Martin Luther King and Malcolm X brings the idea that the movie had ended on a hig

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