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The Big Short Directed By Adam Mckay And Charles Radolph (Movie Review Sample)


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The Big Short
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The Big Short
"The Big Short" is based on financial journalist Michael Lewis' book "The Big Short." The movie is about debt and mortgage obligations as well as credit defaulting and bundling in financial institutions. Sounds like a snoozer, but it is not even close. "The Big Short" is more of a comedy and is directed by Adam McKay and Charles Radolph.
The film utilizes various techniques to emphasize its theme. It uses four cynical Wall Street organizations that are not happy with banking institutions. They decide to capitalize on the calamity in the housing sector and the 2008/9 financial meltdown after discovering that the market frenzy is due to worthless collateral duties. Another technique is a model who explains the economics, a singing idol as well as a celebrity chef that uses various metaphors such as gambling in explaining the economic crisis. The directors also use film techniques such as slow motions, jump cuts, flashbacks as well as foreshadowing to make the film interesting. They have utilized all the available tricks in explaining a financial dilemma so that it can be understood by the audience. All the involved parties such as government, credit rating agencies, and banks manipulated people into investing in worthless bonds something that makes the writer of the book and director of this film to utilize all the available cinematic tricks in helping people understand this financial dilemma. The interesting thing about the movie is how it deciphers the financial crisis well and entertaining the audience at the same. This is where my credit to this film can be attributed to.
The acting itself is top notch from the actors to bit players. The stars are not just playing a role like in any other movie; they represent certain characters from the most remarkable time in the world history. My friend considers Steve Carell to be the best because this is not the first time he recognizes him on films. However, my friend has never watched "The Office" where Carrell features as Mark Baum. He is like the star the television series. However, in "The Big Short" he is the major actor. He is the boss of Morgan Stanley with a mission of bringing down banks and proving to them that he has not been wrong about the financial crisis warnings. He bets against his employer, Morgan Stanley.
My favorite character in this movie is Michael Burry played by Christian Bale who is a math genius. His looks remind the "American Psycho," but he...
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