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Citizen Kane: Major Various Fronts in Film Making Response (Movie Review Sample)


Citizen Kane (USA, 1941)
Despite its great acclaim, Citizen Kane is not to everyone’s taste. For some, the film is cold and distant. However, the film has much to offer, in part because it adopts a narrative of shifting viewpoints providing multiple flashbacks that don’t dispute the facts of the story, but differ in how those facts are interpreted. Citizen Kane has the trappings of a few standard Hollywood genres (biography, newspaper film, mystery), but ultimately it’s one of a kind, and a model of narrative intricacy. 
answer the questions: 
1. the story told in Citizen Kane is not presented in chronological order. why do you think the film's plot was constructed this way? what, if anything, was gained by this approach?
2. identify a visual element. a "familiar image", that's repeated in the film at key moments that contributes to the narrative. 
PLEASE: If you don'y know any professional terms, please google it before answering to the question. thank you. 
also look over the plot segmentation(attached) to help with the story of the film. 
Link for the movie:


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Citizen Kane introduced major cinematic advance on various fronts in film making. Perhaps a huge influence came from its use of flashbacks and inconsistent story telling. Citizen Kane follows the life of Charles Kane, a rich newspaper mogul who had recently died. The movie is set upon the death of Kane and follows a series of flashbacks in an effort to conceal the meaning of "Rosebud”, the last word from Kane. The movie employs heavily on the use of flashbacks and inconsistent of storytelling. This way, Citizen Kane portrays a longer period of realistic telling thus allowing the characters to be able to age just a...
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