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Discuss Ragtime In Relation To The Course: Race And Gender (Movie Review Sample)


discuss Ragtime in relation to the course theme of the Individual and society using contexts of Class , Race and Gender. movie on youtube.


Ragtime is a movie adapted from E.L. Doctorow's novel, the movie is set in the early 1900s portraying an upper-middle-class family taking care of young African American woman including her young son (Montez, 2016).. After the father of the baby returns, everything changes. Ragtime presents a variety of characters whose lives are entangled. The movie addresses several societal changes during the 19th centuries in America (Montez, 2016). The movie presents the various forms of changes various characters. In the movie, some characters struggle through racism and societal norms while others accept to love by these norms (Montez, 2016).
The different reaction develops the movie plot. The characters reflect the American society, addressing significant social changes among individuals and the society (Montez, 2016). The film directors show how Mother finds autonomy in her newfound ways to liberate herself, she eventually proper (Montez, 2016).Mother realizes her potential when he takes on additional responsibilities of the family business, her responsibility toward Sarah and her child. In the end, she is separated from the previous societal norms as she marries Tateh at a time where marriages between Jews and Christians were forbidden (Montez, 2016).
The film shows how characters derived meaning from the various experiences and how it impacted on their lives. The film director, director Milos Forman, reviews the social class focusing on the lives of Coalhouse and Tateh (Montez, 2016). The two characters are portrayed as people from different backgrounds representing the American society demands by then. The characters are used to highlight opportunities and prejudiced and how it changed people's mentality (Montez, 2016). Despite the social differences, the

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