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Moonlight Movie Review: Fictional Depiction Of Society (Movie Review Sample)


double space , little page, cited paper , paraphrase all work. number each pge with my name on on it.1.0 write main theme 2.) write fiction & fiction decipiction of society / world as you know it / perceive it 3.) Idenitify or or relate the content / focus to any stream of though.


Fiction Depiction of Society
Moonlight Movie Review: Fictional Depiction Of Society
In a gist, Barry Jenkin's second feature film Moonlight could probably be described as a movie about a gay African-American man, growing up in a poor environment and having to deal with possible conflicts that arise in his life as he tries to figure out what it takes to be a “strong man.” That would possibly be accurate enough. Along with the very familiar story line when including issues about being black in America, the movie can also be described as one revolving around drug abuse, racial discrimination and bullying in schools. But these descriptions are simply scratching at the surface of the movie, there is more to just these very familiar themes that we have been exposed to over and over again and a storyline that we probably know all too well.
The movie is based on the play by Tarell Alvin McCraney entitled “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue,” and both touch the audience not just by the all too familiar plot, but most importantly by bringing its audience and viewers along a very raw and personal journey. This film allows the viewers to feel and understand how it is to be the person who directly experiences these very recognizable issues – experiencing it from the inside, looking out instead of being spectators who see it from the observer`s eyes from the outside looking in. We first start this review with the brief summary of the film, then try to incorporate its relevance to our present society's pressing issues and end with my own review and take on the film's significance as a piece of literature that aims to give more awareness to a society that has probably gone too numb to seeing these repetitive information through different media types.
The movie is divided into three segments, representing three chapters in the life of the young African-American boy protagonist named Chiron, who was also introduced as “Little” in this first chapter. The movie opens up with Chiron – played by Alex Hibbert – escaping from his abusive and drug-addicted mother, Paula – played by Naomie Harris. Juan (Mahershala Ali), a drug dealer finds the frightened Little inside a broken down deserted motel and after finding out that the young Little has been bullied in school brought Little to his girlfriend Teresa's (Janelle Monae) house.
The couple ends up becoming fond of the young Little and eventually served as his counselor, even with Little's mother constantly being hostile to them. During the first chapter of the film, the movie proceeds with such a somber pace with a lot of emphasis on the destructive nature of drugs, not only in the life of Little's mother, but also in Juan's as we see later on in the final segment that he has actually died.
The second segment is about Chiron's teenage life where now he is being referred to by his real name. Still very reserved and unsociable, he is constantly being bullied by other teenagers who thinks his aloof personality makes him more vulnerable to sneers and goading and also here we see how his peers start to have an idea of Chiron's homosexuality. Still being badgered with his addicted mother, Jenkins also shows a part of Chiron that is exposed to bullying. This issue is also very true of teenagers in the African-American communities nowadays.
As the movie progresses further into the life of the teenage Chiron, we see a build up in the story as he gets back together with his old childhood friend named Kevin. Kevin guides Chiron to a homosexual encounter on the beach. Conflict and the drama start to arise in the relationship between the two as Kevin enters into a hazing ritual, and in order to acco...

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