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Movie Review Writing Assignment Paper On Wings of Desire (Movie Review Sample)


I don't care what the movie is. Please format your piece like this: double-spaced, 12pt size, a serif font like Times New Roman.


Wings of Desire
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Wings of Desire
Wings of Desire is a German film series whose setting is in West Berlin at a time when a wall still enclosed Berlin and directed by Wim Wenders. The main characters of this movie are two angles named Cassiel and Damiel, who are termed to be roaming the city. According to the plot of the movie, the two angles are observing and listening to the diverse human being's inhabitants of the city. The movie begins in a setting whereby a painter is in the struggle to find inspiration, a pregnant woman who is in an ambulance on their way to a hospital and a broken-hearted man who things that the girlfriend no longer loves him. Besides, the plot of the film is made to be a depiction of the past, present, and future of Berlin. As well, the two angels, Cassiel, and Damiel existed long ago even before it became a city, and even before the existence of human beings.
As the movie progresses, the two angels come into contact with an old man by the name Homer, who has the dream of a marvelous peace. One of the angels Cassiel follows the old man in his attempt to look for the old Potsdamer Platz which whereby the then demolished and existed in an open field. In the attempts of the only man to look for the building he only finds the only Berlin wall covered with graffiti. According to this movie. Damiel and Cassiel are purely invisible, but they are visible to children. In short, the two angels are not able to have a physical interaction with the real world. Besides, this is the belief in most of the cultures regarding the dead and angels.
As the movie progresses, Damiel falls in love with one of the lonely Circus trapeze artist known as Marion. Marion is seen to live by herself in a caravan and as well loves to dance alone to music such as the “crime and the city solution.” Besides, Marion drifts around the whole city of Berlin. Another plot is introduced in the movie that is about Peter, who has just come to town to make a film regarding the past of Berlin. As the movie progresses, it is revealed that Peter was once an angel and the moment he got tired of watching what human b

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