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Movie Review Writing Assignment: Lone Survivor (Movie Review Sample)


Assignment #1: Review
For your first assignment, you will write a critical review of a work, performance, or experience of your choice. a movie review. Your review, however, should be timely; typically, you want to find something that was released or experienced within the last year. You also want to be sure that you can meaningfully review the material/experience, so avoid selecting material that would require more attention than you can meaningfully address within in 3 double-spaced pages. Although the accompanying rubric will break down how you will be graded on this assignment, below are several tips to keep in mind as you work on your review:
1. Context. One of the most difficult aspects of this assignment will be finding the right balance between, on the one hand, providing background information about the material/product/experience you are reviewing and, on the other hand, making sure that your review is more evaluative than informative. That is, you want to be sure that you are putting your review in some context, but you also want to avoid giving so much background detail that your evaluation gets buried or delayed until the end of your review. Assume that you are addressing a general audience who has some familiarity with what you are reviewing, but who are not experts either. When adding contextual detail, try to make it relevant to your evaluation.
2. Evidence. Effective reviews do not just assert their opinion; they support their evaluation through concrete evidence. Keep in mind that ranting about how much you hate something—or, alternately, raving about how much you love it—will not convince your audience, as it will seem they are only reading a subjective reaction, not a thoughtful review. Whether you are largely negative or positive in your review (or mixed), you need to explain how you reached your verdict. If an actor is poorly cast for a role, explain why. Rather than simply state that a musician is a strong lyricist, give an example from a song. You'll have to be selective here, as you obviously won't have space to discuss every scene in a play, every item on a menu, or every song on an album. Instead, select several exemplary items and discuss those thoroughly.
3. Style and Organization. Aim for a style that is engaging and approachable, but one that is also thoughtful and informed. Avoid clichés, unnecessary jargon, and the passive voice. Give your piece a catchy title. You want a clear organizational spine to your review, but you also want to approach what you are reviewing from multiple angles. Rather than discuss what you are reviewing through only microscopic detail, or conversely through broad generalizations, try alternating between close detail and broader concerns throughout your piece.


Movie review: Lone survivor
Leaders are expected to have exceptional leadership qualities. A true leader will sacrifice his agenda to achieve a common objective. However, the sacrifices made by leaders cannot rival that of soldiers especially during war. During War, leaders are required to display outstanding characters to defeat the enemy. It is not surprising to hear soldiers being honored for making sacrifices to defend their country. The film Lone Survivor is a narration that highlights the true meaning of brotherhood and sacrifice.
The film presents the nature of war and what soldiers must be willing to give up to ensure that everyone survives. Brotherhood is evident throughout the film by the way the soldiers care for each other from the beginning as the fight off their enemies up to the end where only one survive the ordeal. Lone Survivor is a movie written and directed by Peter Berg based on a non-fiction book by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson. The film plot is about the war in Afghanistan focusing on Pech district.
The director recounts a true story of one soldier who survives a deadly war in Afghan. Four Navy seals were sent on a mission to capture a Taliban leader Ahmad Shah but fail in their mission. Even though the navy seals know that they are outnumbered, instead of running they stick together and fight until the end. Sacrifice is evident in several scenes in the movie, the four soldiers assist each other as their leader sacrifices his life to save his three best friends. The Lone Survivor is a perfect example that shows team spirit where each member is willing to give anything to ensure that ever

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