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Christopher Columbus, Hero or Villain? History Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


In your review, consider the following questions:
What was Columbus trying to prove by his desire to sail West? Where was he heading/hoping to reach? Why? How had the fall of Constantinople in 1453 created an opportunity for wealth and exploration?
In scanning the Journals of Columbus (see above) what was Columbus’ attitude toward the inhabitants he found in the New World? Where did Columbus think he was when he arrived in the New World? How did the effect the name is given, which has stuck, to the inhabitants?
What is your overall opinion of Columbus? Hero or villain?
Please cite all the documents used in your response in APA format. Use in-text citations in the text. Please see the rubric for grading requirements.

The narrator presents the two sides of the Columbus story. For some, he is a hero and to others a destroyer of nations. What does he mean by that? Why has Columbus in recent years fallen into disfavor?


Christopher Columbus, Hero or Villain?
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Christopher Columbus set sail to discover a new sea route to Asia which he believed based on inaccurate mathematics that was shorter than going around Africa. The fall of Constantinople in 1453 compelled the Europeans to start exploring starting the new age of exploration as they sought to find a new route to Asia. Constantinople was an important piece to the Europe-Asia trade along the silk road and when it fell in the hands of the ottoman empire, the Europeans sought to find a new route to Asia to sustain the lucrative trade of spices, gold and slaves. He pitched his expedition to Portuguese officials who just like him wanted to profiteer from the new route. Columbus was an experienced sailor as he had spent a long time in the sea before setting out on his first voyage with three ships. 

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