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Life According to TV Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Purpose and Description
Topic: You will analyze a television series according to the criteria found in the essay, “Life According to TV” (Canvas) and determine whether or not the program portrays a realistic depiction of human life.
Description: For this paper you will write a critical analysis of a television series of your choice. Your purpose then will be to explain to and/or persuade your readers how the series you have chosen either fits or doesn't two or three of the criteria found in “Life According to TV” (Canvas). Your essay should argue whether the series more strongly distorts or adheres to reality. Make sure you include plenty of evidence to support your opinion, include scenes from at least three different episodes. You will end with a recommendation of how your audience should approach the series. In addition to the series itself, you will need to quote from three different sources, one of which can be "Life According to TV.".
Audience: You have several choices of audience—high school students or parents of high school, middle school students, or elementary students, or Auburn University students.
Specific Requirements
Your essay should:
Analyze a television series, using evidence from at least three episodes;
Develop a clear and compelling thesis, which shows the relationship between your research and your analysis;
Cite at least 3 sources correctly using appropriate citation style and a Works Cited page;
Be 3-5 pages in length (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman);
Please contact me if you have questions about this assignment or anything else related to the course.


Movie Analysis
Concepts and perceptions of life have been explored in several ways in the “Game of Thrones” through the use of narrative plot and exploitative thematic concerns. The use of individual characters has been based on the aspect of creating real-life perceptions and using the concepts to drive thematic concerns that adhere to reality (Wolfstein 68). The creation of the kingdoms and mythical lands have been actively used to devise real-life lessons such as conflicting demands and duty and love, the necessity of facing hard truths and the corrupt of nature of politics.
In-Game of thrones nine families are fighting to have control of m kingdoms in the mythical lands of Westeros. On the other hand, an ancient enemy returns to haunt and disrupt the movements of the nine families as they plan and execute tremendous actions to win over the other families. The episodes are intertwined with touches of devotees and encompass b the consolidation prize of Sansa. The aspects of exposing series have been used in the creation of the ancestral home of winter fall and proceed to explore an exciting and satisfying perspectives of character designed for the devotees. In the final season, brilliant aspects of night king have been used to demonstrate the instalments that were shown by endgame aspects in the movie. This is mainly shown in the end episodes characterized in Westeors. The aspects of the jump from Daenerys death with the intertwining of the independent winterfal for the sudden genesis of democracy. 

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