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Lab Report About The Makeup Of The Next Generation (Lab Report Sample)


This is just fill out the blank, and write couple sentence for the question, it do not need to write a paper. do the work which i did not finished.
Just finish what I didnot finish the problem


Lab Report
Your Name
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December 4, 2017
* Prediction:
Ї Due to the principles of predation, we predict that the predator would first consume the red alleles for its color is most contrasting relative to its environment. Therefore, through time, we think that the red allele's frequency would decline since the decimated population would result in only a small fraction of the population surviving3
* What is your conclusion as to the prediction you made in point 2?
Ї Based on the prediction that we've made and the results of the experiment, we were able to see an “inverse bell curve” where the frequency of the allele dwindles for a little bit in the middle and rises up again by the end. This shows that by the fourth generation, favorable qualities are maintained by the succeeding generations supporting the principles of natural selection
* There are three different patterns of selection
Ї Based on the inverse bell curve as shown for the red alleles, this experiment supports the idea of the “Stabilizin

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