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12.1 Questions: 5 Gene Therapy, Diseases Gene Augmentation (Lab Report Sample)


12.1 Questions: 5 Gene Therapy, Diseases Gene Augmentation


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Q. 1An individual’s immune system develops in the body in a way to protect one from infections and diseases. When the immune system weakens because of diseases and aging, pharmaceutical products such as medicines are taken for different purposes. These products work to reduce the effects of the disease such as painkillers and antifungal drugs. Other drugs treat diseases such as antimalarial drugs, while others prevent the onset of infections such as antibiotics.
Q.2 The process of enzyme activation occurs when a substrate binds to an enzyme’s active site causing changes of an enzyme. The lock key theory asserts that the lock stands for the enzyme while the key is the substrate and just the correct shape and fitting of a key opens a particular lock. Therefore, in order for the formation of products to take place, the correct size key that is the substrate must fit in the key hole, in this case, the enzyme.
Q.3 Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is an essential molecule that carries energy currency among cells. In enzymatic activation, the ATP makes available energy necessary for reactions to take place by transporting it to the various enzymes.
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