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The Third Shift (Essay Sample)

Write a 1 page essay on The Third Shift. What is it? Do you believe it is accurate or not accurate? Is there anything that could be done in your opinion to change this phenomena that may be happening in our society? This assignment will be evaluated in the same manner as the other written assignments: 1) Demonstration of knowledge of the content, 2) Demonstration of rationale and reasoning, 3) effective use of grammar. source..
The third shift is a work schedule that comes in at around 12 midnight to around 8 AM in the morning. Although the time of the shift varies from company to the next, the third shifts exist. Most companies that run on a 24-hour basis introduce it as the last shift during the day. To those that have introduced the shifts, they feel that it has led to increases of the demand for other services such as financial related and many others that do not usually operate in the off hours. This trend has been the practice of the automaker like General Motors (GM) that were worst taken back by the downturn that hit back in the 80s. While it might be the definition of the third shift, other companies introduce third crews, which primarily are groups of workers that rotate the rest of the workers on the first and second shift, to fill in when the factories are less busy. Although the development has ...
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