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Ethical Relativism (Essay Sample)

MUST USE AAA STYLE Write an essay defending why anthropology is a discipline that like other disciplines (eg biology, literature, economics) needs a set of core concepts and methods to push knowledge forward, so we can understand the "everyday" world in ways that would not be obvious to the casual visitor or tourist, and are sometimes not so obvious to the people who inhabit that "everyday" world either, because they take it for granted and don't usually try to figure out how their society works, or why people do what they do. You need to make an argument and back it with specific example(s) to be coherent and persuasive. To develop your argument, follow these steps: 1 focus on one of the concepts discussed in our text book or in class, one that interests you (eg society, culture, kinship, exchange, ideology, power, hierarchy, identity, patronage, alliance, cultural relativism, cultural capital, social reproduction, caste, class, factions, feuds, gender, family, others....) 2 identify an article in one of the major social/cultural anthropology journals listed below that uses this concept or addresses this theme in their ethnographic analysis (you may only use these journals). 3 read the article, and see how the author uses the concept/ delves into the topic to develop an analysis that generates new understanding, and bring some aspect of the "everyday" more sharply into view - something that is not obvious to the casual observer. 4 Now you are ready to formulate your own argument and support it through the careful/ critical reading of your selected text, drawing on it to provide your main supporting examples. ALSO THE SOURCE MUSTT COME FROM ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: American Ethnologist Anthropologica Cultural Anthropology Current Anthropology Focaal Journal of the Royal Anthropological Society Social Anthropology it has to be AAA style it is for my core concenpts of cultural and social anthropology class this can also give you a better idea: For your outline, please include: 1. Introduction: - The general premiss (regarding the usefulness of anthropology) - Your thesis statement - Your chosen concept - Your chosen article 2. Body: - Define your chosen concept - List the main supporting points of your argument - For each of your main supporting points, list at least one supporting example or other piece of information from your chosen article. 3. Conclusion - restate your argument and supporting points source..

Ethical Relativism
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Anthropology is a scientific study that deals with the culture, behavior and origin of mankind. The various branches of anthropology include archeology, linguistic, cultural and social anthropology. The study tries to describe man`s origin by understanding the past and current developments. It study enables one to understand the modern man through analysis of the past. The study also helps one to understand other people`s culture and relate to their behavior. In the modern world people travel as well as intermarry with other communities. This interaction is not limited to the physical boundaries of a community. Anthropological studies will then help in facilitating efficient communication between persons of different cultures.
Anthropology is referred to as a scientific study as it uses physical evidence and facts to explain man`s origin. It also relies on various scientific methods to determine the past. A good example is the carbon dating of human fossil that has been used in archeology anthropology. However, anthropology may be viewed as a social study as it deals with how man behaves with reference to their culture. Through the years, man has adopted various changes in their life. This is evidenced by the various lifestyle changes as compared to the past. This paper will focus on applying cultural relativism, a concept in anthropology in our modern life. The discussion will be focused on an article by Michael F. Brown on cultural relativism. This article was extracted from Current Anthropology Journal, Volume 49, and page 363-380.
Anthropology exists so as to explain the diversity of cultures. This diversity is also demonstrated in other disciplines such as the economic inequality. The concept of cultural relativism has been applied by different persons since the time of the Greek community. It is a theory that argues that cultural practices in a society are relative to the norms of the society. Cultural relativism is the understanding of what is right or wrong judging from a set standard which is familiar to a group of people or culture. This means that a cultural practice is deemed right or wrong because a culture permits or prohibits it respectively. A good example is female genital mutilation (FGM), which is a culture practiced by the African society but prohibited by the Western culture.
Cultural relativist advocates that there are no universal set standard practices that apply to different societies. They believe that a practice can only be judged to be right or wrong with reference to a community`s culture and mo...
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