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Final paper (Essay Sample)

sending you the guideline attach file --it is a particular reading and from this reading need to make a thesis paper 4 pages 1100--maximum 1300 word and very very simple word like not a professional writer--should be as a amature writer and most important is 10000% plagiarism free -pls pls pls thanking you source..

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(January 22, 2012)
Final Paper
True Philosophers
The whole conversation involved a great philosopher by the name Socrates and his disciples. It was a conversation which took place in a place known as Phlius. It occurred while Socrates was in jail and was waiting for the implementation of the capital sentence that judges had made on his case. And it aimed explaining the principles of a wise man and his driving force in life. The objective of this paper is to identify the true philosophers in life through Socrates arguments; it gives an argument for and a counter argument.
There is a huge misunderstanding between Socrates and his disciples Simmias and Cebes whom do not agree with Socrates idea of dying. To them such a great philosopher should endure the adversities in life in order to give room for invention of ideas. It is however very funny that Socrate who was much willing to die viewed his decision as the only way out. The conversation also tries to help us understand the cause of Socrates death. He state "ECHECRATES: Yes; someone told us about the trial, and we could not understand why, having been condemned, he should have been put to death, not at the time, but long afterwards. (p.1)" We are able to establish that it was the decision of the court that this great philosopher had to undergo capital punishment for his crime. The decision of the court was however not welcomed by Socrates disciples, who felt that no justice was served to this great philosopher. As full supporters of his teachings, they offered to appeal their master`s death by defending him before judges.
According to them, Socrates had a lot to accomplish in life and it was therefore inevitably important for him to survive death. They were also not fully convince how Socrates had given up on his life knowing that he was not guilty as charged by the court. We are however able to understand the having served the world for so long, Socrates was very ready to join other wiser gods through death. To him more will be accomplished by his death than his survival. And although the idea was not fully welcomed by the disciples, he strongly believed that it was the best way to end all this.
It is very absurd that Socrates never grieved his death despite being much aware of the court ruling. He believes that through death, he will be able to join the earlier departed wise men and gods although this is a concept which seemed hard to comprehend amongst his disciples. After lengthy conversation the disciples were convinced that nothing could be done to revert the court ruling which was already set. They therefore agreed to it though with a lot of questions in their minds. They however requested Socrates to impact the knowledge a...
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