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Merton's Typology (Essay Sample)

>Discuss Merton's Typology about the relationship between prejudice and discrimination in a 1 page essay. Demonstrate that you understand this typology. Which quadrant or relationship would you prefer to be in if you were/are not a member of the dominant group and why? The assignment will be evaluated on the following: 1) demonstration of knowledge regarding the subject, 2) demonstration of rationale and reasoning, and 3) effective use of grammar.

Name: Instructor: Course: Date of Submission: Merton’s Paradigm Introduction Robert Merton dedicated a lot of his time researching within the field of sociology. Part of his work involved discrimination and prejudice, which was exceedingly rampant then, and which to date still takes root in the society. The American creed asserts that, though not all men are equal, they have the equitable rights to access opportunities, justice and freedom regardless of their ethnicity, or even race. In his study, he examined the core determinants that model the social behaviour in humans. Morton used existing conditions in the society to evaluate outcomes, within socially organised actions. The study assessed discrimination and prejudice along the racial and ethnic lines. Prejudice and ethnicity spread into four groups, with diverse motivations that drive them. They cover all the social classes and region, although they vary in numbers. The social groups The first group is made up of those people that are neither prejudiced nor are they discriminative. They do not alter their behaviour, when exposed to the different environments, but, stick to the beliefs. Their culture has the goodwill to uphold the beliefs advocated by the creed. They facilitate a socially positive environment to all other types free of prejudice and discrimination. All these believe in an axiom that not so many relate with can be blinding to the real situation in the society. By unanimously tending to personal liberty, they are ignorant of reality, and this cannot be applied at the society level to provide solutions. Therefore, by conforming to this fallacy of unanimity and ...
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