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Global Social Institutions (Essay Sample)

The essay needs to be ASA format. The topic is on the Global Social Institutions of Brazil and it need to be approximately one page per topic. The topics are Family,Education, Politics and Economy. I attached a power point from my class and it basically explains the paper in more details. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you. Please refer to the attachment. source..

Global social Institutions
There are different genres of institutions for different purposes. Global social institutions being one among them, they are organizations that emerge as a result of human interactions and human activities. The institutions are formed in order to cater for the welfare of individuals at different levels of needs. These institutions have contributed to the well progress of man daily life. For instance, the basic global social institutions include schools, banks, family, and government. The objectives of the global social institution are to ensure that human beings coexist in harmony. This paper seeks to look at these institutions for us to understand role they play and they weakness they have as well.
Education in Brazil
Education is vital to every student a gift that parents consider laudable for their children. Schools are institutions where individuals are taught on the basic and complex issues of life. The academic institutions are divided according to years of individuals and the grades. It is must for all children who are between the age of seven and fourteen to attend fundamental education and those who learn in a public institution don`t pay anything. The government also considers those for one reasons or the other did not undergo the fundamental education in the appropriate age. In Brazil, age is not a barrier to education for its mandatory for one to learn and be educated (Rodriguez, et all 2008). The aim of the fundamental education is to help the student in realizing their full potential and work training, and also enable them to be conscious about their citizen duties responsibilities, and duties as stipulated in the constitution. After one has undergone the fundamental education he/she may enroll to join the intermediate education which is not a must to attend but its free of charge .its main objective is to achieve teenager`s full growth and development. The intermediate level is also responsible for teaching in depth the objectives of the fundamental education. They also train for work in regard with the choice of institution education. After an individual has gone through the intermediate level, the next level is higher education which main objectives are arts. Apart from that, science developments also aims at professional qualification at university level. Just like the other education level in Brazil are free of charge so is the higher education in university and public schools. The basic fact about education is that it`s free in a government institution (Rodriguez, et all 2008).
Families in Brazil
Family is another social structure in Brazil. The family is the core to social structure. As it is well known what is meant by Family, Brazilians families are also comprised of father mother and children. The father is the head of the family he is the protector and breadwinner. But due to changes in many aspects of...
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