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Experiencing Illness: My Experience with a chronic Illness (Essay Sample)

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My Experience with a chronic Illness
Dear colleagues, Sickness are an experience encountered by all and sundry (Sontag, 2008). Having a chronic ailment could be a life changing experience for many individuals. The path taken by all sick people is very different from one another, but we all experience particular form of common experiences during the sickness. The presence of chronic diseases in our bodies instills fear of death for the majority of human beings, and as described by Trilling, (1981), it is a dragon that haunts our very existence. It is indeed true that many have lost their relatives, family members, spouses, jobs, friends and homes because of diseases. Irrespective of the form of illness each person may have experienced, the symptoms, losses and the lesions learned may appear similar and all share these feelings that the disease has impacted our lives in one or another. The influence that the condition stirs in our lives becomes hard to be raced from our minds.
According to Trilling, “There is nobody who does not fear death. This fear is crucial in maintaining space between us and others who are threatened by the same death. If people deny their association to the instability of other people’s lives, this proves to be one way of assuming immortality”. Even if we eventually turn up to become healthy, the sickness comes to affect our lives in a significant manner.
My sickness journey which began several years ago has significantly changed my lifestyle in a much perspective that when I reflect back, I hardly recognize the kind of a person I was. I was a miserable student at that time and too vague in taking care of myself without the company of my relatives that I was so close with back at home. I became dissociative, depressed and had unique hallucinations which were also delusions of my own demise. I also became scared that I could lose my mind any time and did not want to tell any one including my colleagues what I was going through.  HYPERLINK "/authors/carol-hegberg/223054" \o "Carol Hegberg's Articles" Hegberg (2009) posts that; the odd feelings are natural for people affected by chronic diseases. It is natural to worry about family, job and health since; the patience always faces the unknown. The experience of the sick person is as though he/she has been dropped in a foreign land so as to be tortured. Friends or colleagues cannot make contact when one does not attend social activities.
I can reflect and point out on how and when my sickness journey started out. This is however not in terms of a specific date or time, but with an ordinary event. The event itself seems to be so insignificant and harmless that I did not suspect it could have any impact towards my life. I was in the school library picking out the literature to study in my free time; little did I know that was the beginning of the sickness journey. I just started feeling drossy on that library room and very few ...
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