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Religion and Democracy - Karl Marx (Essay Sample)

Why do you think Karl Marx says that religion and democracy were "opiates of the people?" Hint: He believed there was a power elite that controlled most of the wealth and power in societies. Write a 1 page essay on this, and make your case, demonstrating a knowledge of both the subject matters (religion and politics). As before, the evaluation of your essay will be made in relation to 1) demonstration of knowledge of the content, 2) demonstration of rationale and reasoning, and 3) the effective use of grammar. source..
Religion and Democracy - Karl Marx
The famous quote by Karl Marx ‘religion is the opiate of the people’, has been used as a critique of the society which has become heartless and religion is used to validate it to become its heart. The purpose of religion was to create illusory fantasies for the poor. The realities of the economic aspects prevent them to realize true happiness in their life, and hence, religion is employed to give heart to the poor as they await true happiness in the after life. Although this is a criticism of religion Karl Marx has sympathy as he perceived people being in distress while solace is provided for by religion just as people who are injured physically their relief comes from opiate drugs. This quote depicts that as operation fail to fix physical injury unless an underlying cause of the problem is known, similarly is religion because it is not able to fix the underlying problem of people’s suffering, but only help to forget their suffering and look forward for imaginary future when suffering will stop instead changing the circumstances.
Karl Marx believed that there were power elite that controlled most of t...
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