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Thinking and Living (Essay Sample)

thinking and living essay. An essay on how i think and live. A response to David Foster Wallace's speech "This is water" Here's a link of the speech I want to put how sometime i think the world revolves around me and how i feel like people are always looking at me and judging me. and how i grew out of it. And how shocked i was to find out that Wallace commited suicide. And how a man with words of great wisdom and inspiration and can take his own life. source..
Thinking and living
I used to think that the world revolved around me that and I was the center of the universe. I was self-centered and I thought that my needs and thoughts were immediate; they had to be met first before others. I felt that the world and all the other being were for me to benefit from and that they were there to meet my needs. I interpreted everything else in my self lens and I felt people were always looking at me, judging me. All because I paid too much attention on what was going on in front of me. I felt people were harsh in their judgment, but I grew out of it after reading the David Foster Wallace speech ‘This is water.’ I learnt that I had to exercise control on my thoughts and I had a choice on what to pay attention to and what to learn out of experiences. I was guilty of the same crimes that I accused others of, I passed judgment to those around me I judged them daily. All this was because I was always thinking about me and myself. This kind of thinking made me feel miserable every day. Nowadays, I have learnt how to control my thoughts. I look at others with their lens r...
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