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The Growth of Robinson Crusoe (Essay Sample)

For Writer Sarah Write a 2-3 page essay on the following topic: Was Robinson Crusoe a changed man at the end of the novel, or was he essentially the same man that he was at the beginning? Your essay should be typed, double-spaced, and Times New Roman 12. This extra credit assignment will take the place of your lowest two quiz grades. Important note: You will not get an “A” simply for doing this. You will be graded by the same standards as your first three essays. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES, that means "common knowledge" if you can't back it up with PROOF from the book, DON'T include it. Analyze the story, don't summarize and no more than 10% quotations. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES! source..
The Growth of Robinson Crusoe
The beginning of the book reveals a bit of Robinson Crusoe`s family history and relations, and hence, reflects the ideology that he as the main character of the book, was taught and had internalized. This initial description of Robinson Crusoe`s character and manner of thinking paint a picture of a young boy who is determined to follow his passion of going to sea rather than taking the advice of his parents. He is shown to be an independent and adventurous person, who has decided to pursue his passion without taking the practical complications that may arise into consideration. Indeed, he eventually runs away from home, despite his parents` constant warnings and disapproval.
As the story progresses, however, there are many ways in which the character of Robinson Crusoe can be said to have changed from what he is initially illustrated to be. Firstly, Robinson is seen to mature mentally, as time passes by. He is able to consider the implications of his actions and direct them in a progressive manner, in order to facilitate his survival and well being. For example, he is able to develop skills in agriculture, basketry as well as his construction of places to take shelter in. Also, it is seen that with time, he is able to take responsibility of his actions instead of attributing negative consequences or his anxieties to external sources, such as his ‘original sin` and mere luck or destiny CITATION Dan94 \l 1033 (Defoe, 1719). This highlights the way his experiences causes him to mature so that he is eventually able to grasp and face reality and develop a relatively practical approach to life, compared to his initial character defined earlier in the book.
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