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Personal Statement (Essay Sample)

THIS IS TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF WHAT I HAVE DONE. SO PLEASE USE THIS INFO TO WRITE A VERY GOOD PERSONAL STATEMENT FOR ME. THANKS i am a host student of the trust. As a student, I have learnt and gained a lot of excellent clinical nursing skills and as a result, my knowledge has developed systematically. I developed my communication skills through communicating with patients, family members and members of the multidisciplinary team. I am an empathetic and caring individual who spends time communicating with clients to ensure that they are given the best possible care, for example I once looked after a client who was agitated and I calmed her gently by reassuring her, to gain her confidence. I have always received positive feedback from my mentors, colleagues, clients and family members regarding my professional input. i am knowledgeble of the law and ethics of the nursing profession. i adhere to trust polices, i respect patient dignity and confidentiality. i update my self by reading the RCN, and listening to the news etc. as a former secretary / receptionist of a law firm, i have good communication skills. I enjoy working as a member of a nursing team and function well within a multidisciplinary field. I pride myself in being supportive of colleagues and able to maintain high standards of care under pressure. I often use my own initiative to actively liaise with doctors, senior nurse and members of the MDT with regards to client conditions and progress. I also gained valuable experience in recognising signs of deteriorating and acting quicklyand efficiently. the admission and discharge of patients, including referrals when necessary and organising social input has also been a great learning experience. I was also actively involved in managing my own caseload of clients where I showed initiative and prioritised my care, for example I have looked after patients with acute and chronic conditions where I had to manage my time constructively so that observations and documentation are all completed in time., I have also transferred patients to their allocated ward or department where i have handed over important patient information this also developed my communication skills verbally. i need to sell my self so please help me with that. i have been getting good feed back from all my placement areas. i am hard working. i work well as part of the team. as part of my placement with the trust, i have worked in the elderly care unit, thoracic and breast cancer ward, i have worked in the community and at the moment, i am working in the intensive care unit. my skill is developing every day. source..
Personal Statement
From childhood, I have always admired to be a Clinical Nursing Officer and therefore, I have always taken my amble time to gain lots of excellent clinical nursing skills in every medical facility that I have visited or worked for. I have even achieved more skills in a hospital I am working as a host student. My desire has always been to help my fellow human beings who are afflicted with various medical problems in the hospital. Seeing such people recover from their ailments has always been my happiness and I have always felt disappointed whenever my help towards human beings did not yield fruits at all. I have always been fascinated by the tasks that are involved in clinical nursing and realized that having excellent clinical nursing skills alone is not enough to make this profession a success but it has to be coupled with excellent communication skills. Having previously worked as a receptionist and former secretary of a leading firm, I acquired relevant communication skills which have enabled me to deal with different people having different problems. Having learnt some public relation skills in an intermediate college soon after my high school education, I have realized the importance of effective communication skills since they have enabled me to efficiently deal with my college mates, members of my family and the public in general. The communication skills I learnt have given me a chance to effectively relate with clients at the places of work to ensure that they are given the ultimate care to make them feel comfortable and loved.
All along, my good communication skills yielded fruits ...
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