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Question Practice active listening skills (Essay Sample)

No APA Or Source Chapter 4 of the Brooks text makes reference to the fact that active listening is an important tool in parenting. In fact, active listening can be an important tool in every arena of life. Read the information on the following site, focusing particularly to the section entitled “Becoming an Active Listener”: Exercise: 1) Practice active listening skills with someone you know and take note of the responses and behaviors of the other person. 2) Interact with the same or another person and deliberately use poor listening skills. Take note of the responses and behaviors of the other person. 3) Response to the topic about what you observed and tie this to why active listening is important in parenting. source..
Literature and language
Literature involves certain basic concepts of language. Listening and speaking are the first steps an individual is obliged to undergo when learning a particular language. A child born undergoes the similar process to comprehend and use the language. This essay focuses on the practical application of language, mainly on listening skills. The study will employ the conversation that I had with one of my classmates.
As we talked, my friend looked directly into my eyes as I expressed my views concerning the topic that we were discussing. She was very attentive and listened to every single word that I pronounced. She also expressed emotions and other expressions. For instance, whenever I said any word related to sad occurrence such as tragic death of a character, she would react by shouting and showing a sad face and...
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