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Portfolio letter (Essay Sample)

WRITE A FORMAL LETTER FOR AN AUDIENCE OUTSIDE OUR CLASS that does at least some of the following:  describes the steps you've taken to improve this semester  describes what you've included in the portfolio and why you chose each piece  explains how each of the documents you've included has improved from early draft to final draft and why  reflects on what you've learned from Project 1 about your own writing and about the standards and kinds of writing required in your field  reflects on what you've learned from Project 2 about research-based writing in your field and about your research topic  includes specific examples from the documents you've included Begin the letter with “To Whom it May Concern” and close the letter with “Sincerely” and your full name. Write your letter as if your portfolio is complete. For example, say “I have included” NOT “I will include.” Include a word count. 500 words minimum. i have chosen my disciplinary and contrast paper, types of writing paper, interview note paper, and the portfolio letter source..
To Whom It May Concern:
This past semester has been a fruitful one for me because I not only learned many things about writing; I have also gained confidence in my work. At the start of this sem, I was seriously doubting my capability to defend a position using an argumentative paper, or write a well thought out research paper. I even questioned whether I can conduct a proper interview. Despite these uncertainties, I continued to preserve because I knew how important writing is as a method of communication. I knew that even when I leave school to practice my profession, I will have to articulate my ideas in the form of writing or create reports for my supervisor. It was a difficult semester for me, particularly because I am not a really strong writer, but I am proud to say that even though I did not become an author material at the ends, I have developed the right mindset so that I may keep learning about writing on my own.
The works you will read in this portfolio showcase some of the projects I had to do at school, and it also illustrates the progress I have undergone throughout the semester. The Project 1 is composed of two works: the first one entitled Disciplinary Contrasts in Student Papers and the Types of Writing. For the Disciplinary Contrasts in Student Papers, two cover letters were examined. One is an application letter while the other is a reflective essay much like this one you are reading right now. This project shows that letters have different purposes and the way they are written will always depend on their purpose. Through this project, I have learned that letter writers frame their work depending on the rhetorical situation they are in. For me, in order to understand what a letter actually means, it is important to understand the writer`s situation. Why was the letter written? Who is its audience? What is the writer`s background? What style was used by the author, and why did he/she choose it? These are just some of the questions which can be us...
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