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Busyness as a product of modernity. Technology Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a well-organized, coherent 1000-word essay on the following topic. The essay should include specific examples from your selections. Your opening paragraph should make clear what you plan to discuss, and your body paragraphs should develop the ideas that you set out in the introduction. You should end with a conclusion that ties the essay together.
Gopnik writes “Benjamin Franklin never complains about being busy, and always has time to publish a newspaper or come up with a maxim or swim the ocean or invent the lightning rod.”  How is busyness an invention of modernity?
Gopnik writes “Benjamin Franklin never complains about being busy, and always has time to publish a newspaper or come up with a maxim or swim the ocean or invent the lightning rod.” How is busyness an invention of modernity?
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Busyness as a product of modernity
Developments around the world have greatly changed and shaped the way individuals view and live their lives. Rapid innovations and technological developments have revolutionized towns and cities’ giving them what has been adjudged to be a “modern outlook”. As a result, most individuals residing in these cities strive very hard to keep up with the demanding lifestyles. They are forced to take up more responsibilities such as taking up more shifts at work or engaging in business side hustles in order to get extra funds to finance their expenditures. In the end they get so caught up in the hustles and bustles of chasing after luxurious lifestyles that they end up with little or no time for themselves or their families and friends. Adam Gopnik in his novel “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli” alludes to the fact that modernity has changed the world to one that individuals are extremely busy. The essay therefore purports to examine busyness as an invention of modernity from Adam Gopnik’s perspective in “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli”.

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