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Living Digitally: Digital Home And Technological Devices (Essay Sample)


Write a short essay (roughly 4 pages, double-spaced). You do not have to answer the individual questions at the end of the topics they are meant to give you ideas that you can address in your paper.
This assignment will be worth 25 points and will consist of two parts: structure and content. The structure of the paper will be worth 10 points. This includes grammar, clarity, typographical errors, format, and proper citations. The paper's content will be worth 15 points. This includes the quality of the paper--did you address all issues, is your argument supported, is the topic identified and explained?
**Living Digitally: Digital Home***
Technology has made homes efficient, safe, and entertaining. Although computers are found throughout today's home, the concept of home automation can be traced back to 1898 when Nikola Tesla invented the first remote control. Home automation integrates features that automate a wide variety of tasks, save time and money, and enhance the overall at-home environment. These include lighting, thermostats, appliances, and security. Technology has also enhanced home entertainment.
How has your life become more efficient, safe, and enjoyable by using home automation and entertainment features? What new home technological devices do you foresee in the future? What impact will this new "green technology" have on the environment?


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Living Digitally: Digital Home
In an article entitled “The Wired Family,” Peggy S. Meszaros argues that people have been super-saturated with technology, a factor that has enabled families across the world to be truly wired and intertwined (Meszaros 1). Studies have shown that the current communication technologies are considered as an intricate part of the family landscape, with the new technologies altering the family life and the way people live. Green modern technology has provided people with an opportunity of living in better and more efficient digital homes, particularly when it comes to the utilization of the most modern communication technologies. Studies have shown that smartphones, tablets, and laptops have enabled people to track what goes on in their lives and gain immediate feedback, irrespective of time and location. This paper critically analyses the concept of living digitally in a digital home that is safe, efficient, and entertaining.
Rapid technological changes have enabled people to live a more convenient and enjoyable lifestyle since individuals are able to handle several activities and multitask without having to step outside their homes. Studies have shown that almost all homes in developed countries have access to computers and smartphones which not only make communication easier but also enable people to do their personal and official duties while at home (McArthur). Working away from the office has become a new norm since employees are able to become more productive by collaborating with their colleagues even when they are miles away from the workplace. Increased access to the internet not only enriches people's lives but also enables life to become more enjoyable. To determine how modern technologies have transformed the current societies, it is important to examine the varieties of tasks that are performed conveniently, thanks to modern technologies.
The way modern technology is currently being used may not be so different in comparison to the old technologies. For instance, telephones have been in existence for several decades and people still used to communicate despite their geographical distance. However, the emergence of smartphones has transformed the way people communicate and exchange information. Smartphones have become more sophisticated and they are not only being used as tools of communication but also as a means through which people can conduct a variety of tasks (Ramey). Smartphones are increasingly being used to send text information, video conferencing, socialize, conduct office work, and utilize mobile phone technology to make life more efficient. Communication technologies tend to range from electronic mail, e-fax, mobile phones, applications for instant text messaging, video conferencing, social networking, and so on. Most of these forms of communication have enhanced and simplified the way households and organizations communicate and transact a variety of activities. Traditional technologies are currently being replaced by the ever-evolving technologies, thus enabling people to conduct their activities more efficiently and rapidly.
Modern technology has also enabled people to li

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