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Facebook In The Age Of The Big Tech Whistleblower (Essay Sample)


Pick an interesting article (print or electronic) on the Internet that pertains to the benefits/valuable applications of computer technology or to new problems/failures affecting computer technology. The article should be current, that is, published during this time period. Write a brief summary and commentary of the article indicating how it relates to the ethical/social implications. This assignment will be two pages and double-spaced. Include a hard copy of your article with your paper submission.


Problems/Failures Affecting Computer Technology
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Facebook in the Age of the Big Tech Whistleblower
Article Summary
This article explains how Facebook is facing a big challenge of ensuring the privacy of its users in the wake of increased tension and mistrusts. According to this article, this issues has been raised again after a year following Cambridge Analytica's had been named in a mesmerizing report provided by the Guardian detailing the company's voter-targeting operation (Hempel, 2018). This kind of information brings about the question the type of information that users of the most popular social media hand over to them. People are now worried about the information they share to third-party apps such as Facebook, especially how this free spun data surge might bite us later in future.
However, according to this article, Wylie's claim that Cambridge Analytica idea of pulling big data as well as social media is a way of fueling some information warfare is vague. The article terms Wylie, the initial perpetrator of this information as a whistleblower who ultimately cultivated some fear onto Facebook users. According to the author, Wiley triggered something missed by many news stories before. According to Hempel (2018), Wylie provided “a latent rage that may lay the groundwork for a movement that demands accountability from Facebook.” However, although the unmonito

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