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Management Information Systems: Storage Technology (Essay Sample)


I need the part 3 and my link chapter is talk about Sustainable Technologies


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Management Information Systems
Storage Technology
In a move to reform the technology industry particularly with regards to storage, Intel is planning the release of a new oblong shaped solid state drive that will take on a small-form factor. In his article, Get ready for new storage technologies and media, Patrick Nelson, opines that this move is bound to replace the old generation storage drives such as the hard disc drives as well as the peripheral component interconnect express expansion cards commonly referred in their short forms as HDDs and PCIe respectively (Nelson).
According to Patrick, the new drives will allow for a narrow tack oriented design in the 1U racks. Most importantly, these drives are set to hold large amounts of data due to the fact that they come in at one petabyte which translates to a thousand terabytes of storage which totals to a million gigabyte (Nelson). To put this capacity into perspective, the petabyte drive can hold up to 70 years' worth of entertainment which includes over 300,000 movies. The small-form-factor is also going to save on space given the fact that, with the old HDDs, to achieve 10 TB of space this would require 100 bay 4U servers.
In the article, Patrick also mentions that this is a justifiable solution to the ever rising demand for storage. People are constantly consuming media and their need for storage grows exponentially. With the new larger drives, one would say that the future is storage-secured with people expected to consume large amounts of data.
Patrick also points to the fact that the new drives are geared towards energy efficiency. The demand for new and efficient storage sys

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