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Hacking Wireless Networks and Wireless Network Security (Essay Sample)


Question 1) Wireless networks are considered insecure for many organizations; especially, for the government agencies. Explain why wireless networks are still considered insecure and what you would recommend to secure them. Explain your reasons in terms of technologies and policies.
Question 2) You are the new IT security manager at a small bank in your hometown. While introducing yourself to the bank manager, the manager asks you if changing the bank's wired network to a wireless network would be a good idea. What is your response and why?

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Hacking wireless networks and Wireless Network Security
Why wireless networks are still considered insecure
With the adoption of wireless networks, many corporate organizations including the government have switched to wireless networks due to the low cost of wireless devices, flexibility and the convenience that comes with using such networks. Other advantages are, one can connect to the internet from any location within a close radius from the transceiver, it is easy to add other components onto this type of network such as easy installation of VoIP and printers without the need to configure ones computer. However, there are disadvantages that come with this type of convenience especially for the government agencies that need to keep confidential information safely. The security threat level increases with the use of wireless networks due to the inherent characteristics and weaknesses of wireless network protocols ( 13). Physical components are not required to connect up a wireless network, such as wires, only a wireless adapter is required which considerably increases the accessibility of the network to potential hackers. This situation is worsened if the network doesn’t contain a password since it can then be accessed by anyone with ease. Due to the convenience of wireless networks even to the government agencies it is therefore advisable to put up security fire walls and passwords to minimize the ease of access by potential hackers.
If changing the bank's wired network to a wireless network would be a good idea. Response and Reason
Changing the bank’s wired network to a wireless network would be a good idea. This is because wireless banking is reforming the financial industry. It is basically changing bot...
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