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Extracting natural gas from Shale rock (Essay Sample)

Geology in the news assignment Report on a current geology topic that you have read in the newspaper/magazine/journal, heard on the radio, saw on television, or found on the web. Guidelines The news item must have been reported since January 1, 2011, and must be related to geology. Write two page reports summarizing the article in your own words. Include title, author, complete source information, and a summary of the information included. Your summary must be typed, A link to the article must be included if you find it on the Internet. Pay attention to your sources, do your best to make sure the information is reputable (website like Wikipedia are NOT appropriate sources!). A list suggested sources is located below, but there are a lot of other sources for this type of information. Some possible Sources: Discover, GSA Today, Physics Today, Scientific American, National Public Radio, Science,,, Discovery Channel, Nature, PBS, Science News, and National Geographic. Grading Criteria: Summary content: The article is geologic in nature (not biologic, weather, or space related) The main ideas of the article are accurately summarized The summary relates to and references appropriate chapters of the textbook. Summary includes a discussion as to why the article's subject is important/ relevant to everyday people Writing style: The summary is clear, well-written, and an appropriate length for the chosen article The summary contains good spelling and grammar The summary is written in the student's own words. Supporting information: The chosen article comes from a reputable source. Complete article source information included in report, including website, if appropriate. Summary identifies at least one additional source for further information on the article's topic. A visual aid (map, photograph, graph, etc. )is provided as an attachment to the summary. source..
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Extracting natural gas from Shale rock
( Shale) have written an article on shale that explores extraction of natural gas from shale. ( defines shale as a fine-grained sedimentary rock formed from compaction of mud and silt. In the article, it is further noted that shale is in a category of mudstone sedimentary rocks but is distinguishable from other mudstones as it is fissile and laminated. Lamination of shale means that the rock is formed by many thin layers while fissile is used to define the ability of shale to split in thin layers along the layers.
Shale has several uses as noted in the article with black organic shale being the source of most important oils and natural gas deposits ( The black color of these rocks is explained by ( to have been obtained from the tiny organic sediments that were deposited together with mud during the rock formation. After compaction and warming of the rock in the earth`s interior, the organic material is transformed into oil and gas. In the convectional exploration, oil and natural gas are extracted from the sandstone since after they are formed in the shale, they rise and get trapped within the pores of the overlying rocks. The article by ( argues that although drilling from these convectional reservoirs can give substantial amounts of oil and natural gas, many reserves remains trapped held within the shale.
( refers to oil and gas reservoirs in the shale as unconventional reservoirs. They observed that in the late 1990s, companies involved in drilling of natural gas came up with new ways of tapping the natural gas and oil stored in the pores of shale. This discovery was a break through as it has unlocked the largest natural gas deposits world over for the resource that is non-renewable. They note that Barnett Shale in Texas gas field was the first main site to tap natural gas from...
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