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Anthropology: Los Angeles Museum of Art (Essay Sample)

I visited the Los Angeles museum of art I had to write 2 papers about it I got some notes use it and also use their website to find more information. i will attach the notes to the writer. source..

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(13, December, 2010)
Anthropology: Los Angeles Museum of Art
Los Angeles Museum of Art is the only museum which has been devoted to contemporary art. It is commonly known as Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles which was officially founded in 1979. However, the museum has art collections which are relatively old and it is committed to the collections done, its presentation and interpretation of the same for the preserved collections for the future generations.
Currently, the museum is having more than 5000 collections and the number is growing steadily this has been achieved through good management practices and ready market for the many people who want to view the collections. Therefore, this massive collection of art offers a cultural resource which is providing extensive education opportunities which is enjoyed by both international and national visitors (MOCA, 2010).
The Museum has been changing its operations over the years to meet the changing needs of its visitors. Hence, it has crafted its mission and vision to be competitive and in line with the needs of its visitors. The Museum strives to be a Museum which offers contemporary art (MOCA, 2010). To be able to engage the audience and artists through a program this is ambitious with an aim of accumulating more collections, promoting exhibitions, publications and education to all stakeholders.
It has been the role of the Museum to ensure that it identifies and support the significant arts which are challenging and competitive as compared to other Museums. By doing so it is able to place its self in historical context which in turn links contemporary culture and visual arts.
Arts found in the Museum
Olmec civilization is known as the oldest civilization in America and its artifacts are being stored in the Museum. These depict its richness in preservations of history, civilization and development all through to present time. During that early civilization the Americans created architecture and monumental art which were dated mid 19th Century. However, due to much development by 20th century the artifacts were relatively improved and sophisticated which were for both small scale and monumental.
One the renowned artifacts are the Female Figure (Stela 1) it is believed to have been curved in 900-400 BC. The curving was done on carved slabs. The artifacts provide information on how women used to dress then which provide good informative evidence that women then used to wear pleated skirt and headband they had long hair.
Another artifact is Roller Seal Mexican, Central Highland (1200-600 BC) this artifact is made of ceramic and shows evidence of geometric and naturalistic. Its good evidence that during those times the ancient residence were using stamps and seals for design, this designs were used to decorate textiles and skins. Such patterns are evidence of use of calc...
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