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Ethnocentrism within Anthropology (Essay Sample)

Describe what cultural anthropology is and ethnocentrism. How ethnocentrism is interwined with this section of anthropology. source..
Ethnocentrism within Anthropology
Cultural anthropology is a subject which is important in collecting data about people’s lifestyles. Ethnocentrism is also a wide subject in the study of human beings. Several arguments have been made in regard to the relationship between ethnocentrism and cultural anthropology. This article tries to explain those relationships in detail in order to allow clear understanding of those relationships.
Cultural anthropology and ethnocentrism
Cultural anthropology in a branch of anthropology that is concerned with the study of cultural variations among human beings, evaluating information about consequence of global economic and political processes on local cultural occurrences. It involves the study of culture, beliefs, practices and values, ideas and technologies. On the other hand, ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s group has a mode of living, values, and patterns of adaptation that are more recognized than those of other groups. It involves general contempt for other groups. It can manifest itself in attitudes of superiority and occasionally hostility By means of a variety of a variety of theoretical approaches and research methods; it has been possible for anthropologists to study cultures of people in any part of the world. These include both industrial and post-industrial societies, (Ferraro 15).
Humans acquire culture through learning and enculturation and socialization, different cultures are developed by people living in different parts of environments. This is linked with ethnocentrism which may involve violence, discrimination and verbal aggressiveness against the living values of other groups. Thus, ethnocentrism can be defined as making of false assumptions about other groups of people based on our limited experience. This also allows people to adapt to the...
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