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Why are those who Practice Civil disobedience or Public Protest viewed as violent, confrontational or as extremists? (Essay Sample)

The critical question for the exploratory essay will be derived from your reading of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” which can be found in 80 Readings for Composition. The bottom line is that the question must be derived from a theme or counter-theme in King's essay. Although your question will come from this assigned reading, and this assigned reading will be one source, or one view, that you will explore and consider, the other “texts” that you will explore will be your own choosing. For this essay, the other texts for analysis should be selected from non-fiction books and essays, novels and short stories, theatre productions or films, political cartoons or graphic novels, poems or songs, mythologies and folklore, historical documents, editorials, blogs, journalism, photographs, images, visual arts, or photo-journalism. Be creative when making connections and be open to exploring a variety of viewpoints, a diversity of texts, as well as popular sources and scholarly sources alike. Overall, the exploratory paper should have a minimum of four sources; one source being King's essay, and the other three of your choice. source..
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Why are those who Practice Civil disobedience or Public Protest viewed as violent, confrontational or as extremists?
The reading on the “letter from a Birmingham Jail,” tries to explain why King left his home in Atlanta to Birmingham, where he was arrested and confined. Protesting against injustice, King reiterates that the reason for availing himself is to fight for freedom, which he compares to carrying the Gospel across his country of origin. King is displeased and also states that he is unable to sit and watch as is injustice is practiced against the less fortunate, which results to a threat against justice (King, 1963).
Figures such as Martin Luther King jr. are viewed as protesters according to the views they hold against eminent figures who hold power. The act of protesting by such figures is sometimes marred by violent arising from ideas derived from such figures. Luther points out that, a bit of violent occurrence (not really serious) is put in place with an aim to force a party opposing negotiation, through tension, come forth and accept to negotiate for a better bargain (King, 1963).
Through this, those who practice public protests or civil disobedience are considered tyrants of some sort, as they lure the general public into opposing a certain leadership. As with Jacob Birnbaum’s case, he managed to solicit support from varsity students with an aim of accomplishing a specific task. This was a mission that aimed at Saving the Jews of the Soviet Union (Halevi, 2002). Unlike King, Birnbaum was unhappy of the way the Soviets treated the Jews; and having declared war against any Jewish identity, he decided to retaliate in favor of the Jewish ethnic group.
Birnbaum, is viewed an extremist, having totally different views against the Soviets who have intentions of oppressing the Jews. In the eyes of those who do not share the same views as Birnbaum and Luther; one may consider them a crop of violent seeds within a community. Well, they actually dedicate and risk their lives to fight for justice and freedom against oppressors. This can not solely be done through word of mouth; it is sometimes accompanied by some sort of nonviolent or violent actions, which propagates some tension to warn against unfair means of leadership (King, 1963).
Violence as said to be caused by protesters is at times a view that does not fair well with public protesters. With acting leaders wanting to cover up for crimes and injustices committed; contingencies of police officers are released into the streets to battle with peaceful protesters (Dodd, Curtis & Taylor, 2011); who are actually expressing their rights. Such acts result into violence and collision between protestors and police. The excessive use of power by the police aggravates protesters, leading to clashes; and the outcome is unbearable (Chong & Cheung, 2011).
It is thus said that, “i...
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