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Government paper (Essay Sample)

Hello, thanks for writing my paper. I will upload the instruction on the addiional files. please read the instruction carefully. I am a internation student, please aviod using really high level vocabularies. For the number of sources, i just randomly put 5, so please finished the essay on time. Thanks a lot, if you can further question please contact me. source..
Date: August 2, 2011
Government paper
This essay critically looks up the words that are not familiar from , and then define them by the use of internet searches. Some of the words and phrases include civil resistance, Prague Spring, and Rose Revolution.
Prague spring: this is the phrase that has been used with the aim of describing a brief period of time that occurred a time Czechoslovakia government led by Alexander Dubček wanted to democratize the nation and lessen the stranglehold Moscow had on the affairs of the nation. The period came to with Soviet Invasion, Alexander Dubček removal as party leaders well as an end to reforms in Czechoslovakia. Among the signs that indicated that all was not well in Czechoslovakia occurred in 1966. At this time, there were complaints about people exploitation by Soviet Union. It has been stated that, “this developed when people in Slovakia complained about the government in Prague imposing its rules on the Slovaks and overriding local autonomy. A weak economy exacerbated the situation and none of the reforms that were introduced worked. The workers remained in poor housing and led the most basic of lifestyles. The same occurred in rural Czechoslovakia where farmers had to follow Party lines with regards to cultivation and innovation was frowned on, (Kusin 65)”.
In 1967, Anthony Novotný, the party leader by that time received open criticisms. Among such criticisms, students demonstrated against him. As a result, he was replaced as First party’s secretary by Alexander Dubček. Alexander by that time had not courted Anti- Novotný movement; however, being a man who had handed in lots of grievances, against Novotný, he was the oblivious choice. in early 1968, Dubček started reform programs that among them was Czechoslovakia constitution amendments, aiming at bring back political democracy as well as greater personal freedom.
Among the proposed amendments were: Czech Communist Party remain being Czech’s dominant political party though there has to be a reduction in its totalitarian aspects; there were rights for the Communist party members to challenge the policies of their party; in what came to be given the name Prague Spring, “he also announced the end of censorship and the right of Czech citizens to criticize the government”, (Hermann, 84). This was the clause that Newspaper took advantage of to start producing scathing reports concerning incompetence and corruption in government. As a result, the common theme was the housing state of workers. Farmers were also allowed to form their own independent co-operatives, to ensure that they have aright to direct what they want to do, other than following orders from the central authority. Trade unions were also given more powers to bargain on behalf of their members.
Apart from doing all these, Alexander assured Moscow that Czechoslovakia will remain being a Warsaw Pa...
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